Our Aims

Our aim is to coordinate localised care efforts that complement statutory and voluntary organisations, without replacing them / carrying the responsibility they have for members of the Telegraph Hill community who are self-isolating. This includes supporting the more at-risk demographic including the elderly, disabled and people with pre-existing health issues who may already be accessing specific support services.  

How We Work

  • We have a centralised phone number and email address that we are putting on a leaflet that our neighbours can use to contact us if they need help in some form.
  • We will take turns monitoring the phone and email inbox, and logging any requests we receive from those in need.
  • Requests for help will then be completed by the wider group and communicated via Whatsapp.

Support Offered

  • Provide a contact number for local vulnerable people to call if they need support.
  • Run errands/shopping  for vulnerable people/self isolating people.
  • Provide a friendly ear and some emotional support to community members who are self isolating or finding the pandemic overwhelming.