Stronger Together

Stronger Together

Telegraph Hill Mutual Support is our community’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak. We are one of 900 mutual aid citizen-led groups that have sprung up across the country, under the banner of ‘Covid Mutual Aid UK’ to support those suffering from the effects and threat of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Telegraph Hill Mutual Support is run entirely by volunteers and not medical professionals. We’re all community members wanting to support the most vulnerable with errands, information distribution and emotional comfort. For up to date medical advice you should continue to check the NHS website for further announcements.

Latest update: 19 March 2020

We’re a new group who have set up over the past few days and we are hugely grateful to our 250-strong volunteer network for your support, goodwill and patience. As such we’re still working out how to most effectively organise together and make our information accessible. As a result, this website is a work in progress!

We will be arranging another all-hands call in the next few days to share an update on progress and next steps. Please be patient with us and if you have ideas or something to contribute to the organising, get in touch via WhatsApp or email us at: